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Instilling Values, Inspiring Minds

St. Michael the Archangel

Choose Everything

"We are a family of families helping one another get to Heaven.

When you decide where to send your children to school, you want to have it all. "When you choose St. Michael the Archangel Parish & School, you can. You can send your child to a school that has a superior academic program and also shares your faith, morals, and values.

Our students receive individual attention in a nurturing, faith-filled environment, and the results are obvious. Our student achievement scores exceed the national average in every grade level and every area we serve. Our students also receive a spiritual education. We invest in the character, morals and beliefs of each child, and our faith is integrated into every aspect of the school.

When you choose St. Michael the Archangel Parish & School, you put your child in a place where they can excel academically and grow spiritually. You choose dedicated teachers and a nurturing environment.
When you choose St. Michael the Archangel Parish & School for your family, you choose everything.

Find out more about what St. Michael the Archangel Parish & School can offer your family by contacting us and scheduling a tour.



What others are saying about St. Michael the Archangel Parish & School
"St. Michael the Archangel School's teachers and staff are caring, compassionate, and willing to go the extra mile for their students. They do more than just teach. They inspire and instill moral values as well."
 - The Evers Family, parents


"St. Michael’s has a vibrant, progressive educational climate with a dedicated staff who truly cares about each child’s educational needs and provides a safe learning atmosphere each and every day."

  - Mark Panno, Education Commission Member & parishioner 

"I am a recent graduate of St. Michael's, and wouldn't trade my experience there as a student for anything. I would highly recommend SMS to anyone looking to deepen their faith and broaden their education."
   - Ben Vogel,  Class of 2015


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