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Kindness... 5 Simple Things

October 08, 2018
By Mrs. Blumenshine

As I mentioned, kindess is the theme for this school year. I recently read an article that mentioned 5 simple things you can do to raise kind kids, and I thought about how perfectly it related to our theme.

#1 Use the language of kindness in your family through words such as, "that was a kind thing to do" or "how can you settle this in a kind and peaceful way." Together, we can help our students show kindness in many situations, environments, and experiences. 

#2 Brainstorm ways to practice kindness as a family. Together, make a list of ways to exhibit kindness. For example, holding the door for a person behind you or offering to help around the house without being asked or being friendly to someone who is having a bad day. 

Stay tuned for more... #defenderpride

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