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A Note from Mrs. Blumenshine

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#5 Teach Kindness

November 02, 2018
By Mrs. Blumenshine

Continuing with the theme of Kindness is Contagious,  here is the final simple thing you can do to raise kind kids. #5 Teach kindness by giving kids real responsibilities in family life. At the heart of kindness is a spirit of helpfulness. Research finds when children have chores - jobs they're not paid to do, but ones they're expected to do as contributing family members - they develop a greater concern for others. #defenderpride

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#4 Insist on Kindness

October 30, 2018
By Mrs. Blumenshine

#4 Insist on kindness and respect in ALL family interactions. Correct unkind and disrespectful behavior immediately by asking for a "redo." "Can you kindly say that in a more respectful way?" "What do you think is a fair consequence for speaking disrespectfully - one that will help you remember the rule?" #defenderpride

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Model Kindness

October 23, 2018
By Mrs. Blumenshine

#3 Model kindness in word and deed. Treat youor children kindly. Set an example of kindess and respect by how you treat and talk about persons outside the family such as relatives, neighbors, and teachers. 

Stay tuned for #4...

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Kindness... 5 Simple Things

October 08, 2018
By Mrs. Blumenshine

As I mentioned, kindess is the theme for this school year. I recently read an article that mentioned 5 simple things you can do to raise kind kids, and I thought about how perfectly it related to our theme.

#1 Use the language of kindness in your family through words such as, "that was a kind thing to do" or "how can you settle this in a kind and peaceful way." Together, we can help our students show kindness in many situations, environments, and experiences. 

#2 Brainstorm ways to practice kindness as a family. Together, make a list of ways to exhibit kindness. For example, holding the door for a person behind you or offering to help around the house without being asked or being friendly to someone who is having a bad day. 

Stay tuned for more... #defenderpride

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