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Getting Started with E-Learning Guide

Video on Getting Started with E-Learning

  • The link above will take you to our school Clever page, where students can log in by clicking "Log in with Google" and typing their school email address and password. They also may use the Clever Badge if they have it with them to login.

    Clever houses many of the websites that our students use on a daily basis. They just need to click on the links they want to use and it will automatically log them in. Google Classroom, IXL, Pearson Realize, and more are located within Clever.  If you have questions about using Clever, please email our IT Coordinator, Mrs. Jill Seaton at

  • In the event of an unexpected or long-term absence from school, it is our job to provide meaningful coursework to our students in grades K-8. During this time, we will be utilizing an E-learning approach. Individual teachers will provide independent, self-paced assignments and activities that will be accessed either online or via hard-copy. Any accommodations for ISP plans will be aligned with the E-learning protocol. To access our full E-Learning Plan, please click the link above.