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We are celebrating 10 years as a parish family! Each person touches the entire family by helping it to become what it is. The glorious reality which ties us together is our faith. We are believers in the Lord Jesus & partners with Him & each other in His church. With our trust in the Lord, may we continue our awareness of each other & intensify our solidarity as a family helping to draw more into active partnership in the mission of Christ & His church.

Thank you!

St. Michael the Archangel School thanks our sponsors for the generous support and loyalty to our Defenders each year. You are an extension of our Defender Family, and we thank you for continuing to support our school. For more information on how to become a Defender Sponsor, please contact our office at 815-672-3847.

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2019 Defender Sponsors

With the help of our Defender Sponsors, we have enabled our students to have the latest educational technology in the classroom. This year, they are also helping to fund renovations to our gym floor. Our loyal supports help to enhance the education of our Defenders in a variety of ways that are preparing them for their futures.

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Our students receive individual attention in a nurturing, faith-filled environment, and the results are obvious. Our student achievement scores exceed the national average in every grade level and every area we serve. Our students also receive a spiritual education. We invest in the character, morals and beliefs of each child, and our faith is inte ...

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